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These are the excellent presentations from the Children with Cancer UK sponsored childhood cancer session organised by Professor Denis Henshaw for the 8th Princess Chulabhorn International Scientific Congress held in Thailand in November 2016.

Professor Denis Henshaw BSc PhD

Professor Denis Henshaw

Scientific director, CHILDREN with CANCER UK
Professor at Bristol University
Fellow, Collegium Ramazzini

CC2018 Talk Abstract

Denis is Scientific Director at Children with Cancer UK and Emeritus Professor of Human Radiation Effects at the University of Bristol. As an MRC Programme Grant Holder, using newly developed techniques, Denis researched low-level alpha-radioactivity in the human body, principally in the lung and the skeleton, but more especially the accumulation of polonium-210 in Children’s teeth and transplacental transfer of alpha-radionuclides to the fetus. The same techniques were also used widely in the environment for analysing naturally occurring radon gas and radioactivity in contamination zones such as the area around Chernobyl.

In 1990, he published a link between domestic radon exposure and childhood leukaemia which, in high radon areas, could be an important contributive cause. He later studied the mechanisms by which exposure to electric and magnetic fields from powerlines and the electricity supply in general may lead to increased risk of childhood leukaemia and other illnesses.

Denis has published over 260 scientific papers and served on a number of Government Committees. He was for ten years an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Radiation Biology.

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